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That was the fastest I ever did two complex scenes back to back. And now part of the truth is revealed. Don't worry I will explain it. Oh boy was that rough. I was up late two days on it, but it's good to know I could. 
Okay now. I got to take this week off from Madeline I have something special I got to do. I should be posting it if it comes out good. Wish me luck. :) Off I go!!! I really want this to be great! I'm excited! Woo hoo! 

Raving, thank you for doing this I seriously appreciate it, I was up working until sunrise, and I woke up and I saw this, and I'm like OKAY! Dropped all I was doing and posted this. Seriously, this is some epic stuff. I don't even know what to say. I want everyone to watch this right now! :D (The animation is from the thumbnail of the robot's eye) 
The Pirate Madeline Page 40 animtated(updated) by RavingNeonMonkey <----- Barricuda Animated from Page 40 of Pirate Madeline by Raving Neon Monkey :iconravingneonmonkey: The Pirate Madeline Page 40: Might get hurt by Randommode  <-- Here's the original if you want to see all the work he put in to make that shot. Amazing directing!!! 
The Pirate Madeline animtated by RavingNeonMonkey<------- The Pirate Madeline Animated by RavingNeonMonkey :D (Big Grin) This was amazing!!! Everyone liked it! 

Special Shoutout to Frequent-blackouts :iconfrequent-blackouts:, who made a full One minute 11 second animation of Madeline fighting with his character Ruby. I cannot express into words how thankful I am to this man. Not only is he a very good friend, but his work is very, very entertaining as well. At 0:55 the greatest thing ever happens!! Watch it right now! You will not be sorry. Go and see it here: 

Amazing art BY: Zeronos12. nemesiswillnil8u, Ghost-Nerdy, DracoDragnite, Alas-carmesis, Tovio :) Frog Walker, (Aka Frog Mage he is cameoed MANY times in the background of Madeline) GX3rComics, Frequent-Blackouts, The Quill Warrior )Who did some amazing fan art) Renzo Whitt, bigbadshadowman, af1987,hyperiorthearkangel, mrpr1993,dictator-heartless,luzhen,salty1, maniacpaint, whistle-tall, studioijb, flint of mother3, mad plot bunny, lvlapple, that weird guy josh, linker96, starvalerian, gojiramon, xanafer, paulgq, toshinho, rugdog, bloodyshanglong, rug dog, darkzero779, taylorstoonadventure, boom master, pablonightcast, alexmtx, osaekomimax and cookie-splinters

If I forgot anyone, please, please let me know. Thank you again everyone, thanks for loving my creations, I love all of you too. 

:iconninja-8004: Super Sugar Rush by Ninja-8004  Beach Battle: Ninja vs Pirate by Ninja-8004 Summer Ninja by Ninja-8004 Summer: Double Vision by Ninja-8004 Red Shinobi by Ninja-8004 Dance Girls? by Ninja-8004

Mature Content

Ame, Madeline and Lizzy: Hot Springs by Ninja-8004
Pokey? by Ninja-8004 Pokey Meets Lizzy by Ninja-8004 Mizu and Pokey by Ninja-8004 Madeline: Captains Quarters by Ninja-8004 Pirate vs Ninja by Ninja-8004 2v2 by Ninja-8004 Ninja and Pirate colored by Ninja-8004 Akasuki by Ninja-8004 Lizzy and Pokey Snack Time by Ninja-8004 At the Beach by Ninja-8004 And Ninja who has honored me way more then I ever could have deserved giant thanks :) 

:iconzeronos12: Pirate vs Viking by Zeronos12 Kayne by Zeronos12 What a lovely picture of Kayne! 


Mature Content

April 2nd: Pirate Bunny Girl by NemesiswillNIL8U
Coscember 3rd: Dr. Kayne by NemesiswillNIL8U These two of Kayne by Nemesis, wow Kayne looking good in office attire! 


Mature Content

Randommode fanart by ghost-nerdy
Naomi VS Random by ghost-nerdy Random Vs Naomi 2 by ghost-nerdy Ghost Nerdy you so cray cray :) Awesome vs Naomi! 

:iconfrequent-blackouts: O.C.B. Aftermath RoughInks by Frequent-Blackouts Make a move punk by Frequent-Blackouts It's On by Frequent-Blackouts The Only Man She'll Ever Love by Frequent-Blackouts Einen Kayne is saved ( sort of ) by Frequent-Blackouts     Pirate Madeline and Force Sketch by Frequent-Blackouts  Random and Pokey vs Lennox by Frequent-Blackouts Sorry for the delay Blackout :)

:icondracodragite: Pirates of the High (Fanta)seas by DracoDragite Pest Control by DracoDragite Chibi Madeline by DracoDragite Donna Limber Origins P85 by DracoDragite

:iconalas-carmesis: The Pirate Madeline by Alas-Carmesis  .: BD Gift Madeline :. by Alas-Carmesis Fan Art  .:Pirate Madeline :. TD version by Alas-Carmesis Thank you Al you are a true fan! 

:icontoviorogers: Maddie by TovioRogers Winter-oc's by TovioRogers madeline by TovioRogers part of the crowd by TovioRogers Thanks Tovio!

:icongx3rcomics: Faces 02 by Gx3RComics Pokeys Fault by Gx3RComics Comic peoples 01 by Gx3RComics Comic Heroes! by Gx3RComics lol You understand Pokey so well :) 

:iconfrogwalker: The Vampire - The Turtle - The Frog by Frogwalker Pokey - Anthro Version by Frogwalker  Pokey and Frog meeting Paul Anka by Frogwalker Battle of Amungus - 004 by Frogwalker  Cartoon Test - Pirate Madeline by Frogwalker Super Pokey - Overpower Trouble by Frogwalker

Mature Content

Pokey - Kayne - Clothes Stolen by Frogwalker
Kamen Rider Pokey by Frogwalker

Mature Content

Madeline - Clothes Stolen by Frogwalker
Bronson_PirateMadeline_Line by Frogwalker Bronson_PirateMadeline_Color by Frogwalker

Mature Content

Madeline_HappyBirthday by Frogwalker
Thanks Frog Mage!!
:iconshitforbrainschan: Deviants Of The Ancients by SHITFORBRAINSCHAN Holly Jolly Joyride by SHITFORBRAINSCHAN 12 Days of DEET - Day 6 by SHITFORBRAINSCHAN Distilled Tetrahydrocannabinol by SHITFORBRAINSCHAN Some Colored Doodles by SHITFORBRAINSCHAN DEET Costume Poop by SHITFORBRAINSCHAN A DEET Christmas Carol - Stave 2 by SHITFORBRAINSCHAN Turn The Page, Wash Your Hands by SHITFORBRAINSCHAN Hokey and Pokey vs Explosions by SHITFORBRAINSCHAN DEET 72 by SHITFORBRAINSCHAN

:iconthe-quill-warrior: Artie and Madeline Band Together! by The-Quill-Warrior Artie and Madeline Band Together! (No Motion Blur) by The-Quill-Warrior Amazing man! 

:iconcookie-splinters: Bootylicious pirate Madeleine by Cookie-Splinters Taking Pokey for a Walk by Cookie-Splinters

:iconalexmtx: PIRATE MADELINE by alexMTX

:iconpablonightcast: Pokey ARMOR (gift To Ramdowmode) by pablonightcast

:iconboommaster: POKEY IN SPACE (a gift) by boommaster 

:icongizmo01: Pirates in Techno Town by gizmo01 S.R's and Pirates by gizmo01

:icontaylorstoonadventure: Super Smash Bros. Fantasia Character - Madeline by TaylorsToonAdventure Super Smash Bros. Fantasia Character - Pokey by TaylorsToonAdventure Pokey by TaylorsToonAdventure Pokey Amiibo by TaylorsToonAdventure 

:icondarkzero779:   Thanks Dark!

:iconbloodyshanglong: Madeline Original Outfit Line ART by BloodyShanglong Kayne Redux by BloodyShanglong

Mature Content

Pirate Madeline REDUX 3 by BloodyShanglong
Random Fanart by BloodyShanglong 

:iconrugdog: Madeline by rugdog online buddies' characters by rugdog Wow thanks Rugdog! She looks awesome in your style! 

:icontoshinho: :thumb455168351: 

:iconpaulgq: [HBD] Madeline by PaulGQ

:iconxanakoap: Einen Kayne dood by Xanakoap 


Mature Content

Madeline Sitting On Her Booty by OsaekomiMax

:iconstarvalerian: Pirate Madeline by StarValerian Armored Ninja suit Kayne claws by Vhalpurga She's so cute here! 

:iconlinkerluis: Pirate Madeline by LinkerLuis Madeline Vector by LinkerLuis Pokey vectors by LinkerLuis 

:iconthatweirdguyjosh: Madeline is late to the party by ThatweirdguyJosh

:iconlvlapple: Weekend doodle time by lvlapple

:iconmad-plot-bunny: The pirate Madeline by Mad-Plot-Bunny

:iconflintofmother3: Restaurante Macoatl 328 by FlintofMother3

:iconrenzowhitt: Madeline and Charlotte by RenzoWhitt 

:iconsjibbi: Pokey by sJibbi 

:iconwhistle-tall: Fri meets Pokey by whistle-tall

:iconmaniacpaint: Pokey  The SExy Turtle by ManiacPaint LINE16P by ManiacPaint LINE15P by ManiacPaint

Mature Content

Sketch 13x13 by ManiacPaint

Mature Content

Pirate Madeline by ManiacPaint

Mature Content

The Pirate Madeline by ManiacPaint
:iconrainbowtrollplz: This guy! 

:iconsalty1: Pirate Madeline by Salty1

:iconluzhen: Touching is bad by luzhen 

:icondictator-heartless: Battle of the Scarfs by Dictator-Heartless

:iconmrpr1993: Cap'n Goldilocks by MrPr1993

:iconhyperiorthearkangel: Pixel Run Gift: For Randommode. by HyperiorTheArkAngel 

:iconaf1987: 8 Bit Madeline by AF1987

:iconbigbadshadowman: Cannon Shrimp by BigBadShadowMan

:iconcurtsibling: The Pirate Madeline by curtsibling

:iconmaximwolf: Fandom for Random! by MaximWolf

:iconmodule1: Gift for Randommode by Module1

:iconrexultimatewarrior: 2014 is here! by rexultimatewarrior Reks' World side story: Reks vs. Madeline page 1 by rexultimatewarrior Reks' World side story: Reks vs. Madeline page 2 by rexultimatewarrior Reks' World side story: Reks vs. Madeline page 3 by rexultimatewarrior Reks' World side story: Reks vs. Madeline page 4 by rexultimatewarrior Reks' World side story: Reks vs. Madeline page 5 by rexultimatewarrior Reks' World side story: Reks vs. Madeline page 6 by rexultimatewarrior 

:iconzatchz: One Hundred and One Watchers Part 2 by ZatchZ

:iconcluedog: The Mighty Madeline by cluedog

:iconagawar: to Randommode by agawaR 

:iconolightsword: Happy birthday Madeline by olightsword Jin and his best friend before they went out. Ft M by olightsword Thanks Jin! This was great! 

:iconadamantis: Madeline in Caliba. by adamantis

:iconmusclevirus: B.I.R.T.H.D.A.Y. Randommode by musclevirus 

:iconcabtoonist: Pirate Madeline Fanart by Cabtoonist Pirates Vs Cowgirls- America Angus,Pirate Madeline by Cabtoonist Pirates Vs Cowgirls pg1 by Cabtoonist The Pirate Madeline Page14 FAN REMAKE by Cabtoonist

:iconkskillz: BATTLE BABES II #4 NAUGHTY V.S KAYNE by kskillz

Mature Content


Mature Content


:icons3rb4n: [G] - HBD Randommode! by S3rb4n Gift - Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of Rum! by S3rb4n Awww So cute here! Thanks S3!!

:iconnightshide: Madeline Sketch by nightshide

:icondrakeford: KAYNE by DRAKEFORD  One of Kayne! Wow! And Madeline Zombies! 

:iconfbende:  Madeline Vs Bungee by FBende Happy B-day RandomMode by FBende Einen Kayne by FBende  

:iconvelink: Appreciation Stream August 17 by Velink'

:iconrexultimatewarrior: Reks' world #1 - Unlikely Scenario  pg. 7 by rexultimatewarrior

:iconthesharkmaster:  Well at least she has some sort of covering here... XD 

:iconcoonstito: Pokey by Coonstito Coons makes great things :)

:iconshadowfang42: Ashe's Answer by ShadowFang42 Aww we love you Ashe

:iconthebrokenmonkey:  What a mug on Pokey lol :) 

:icongtapia91:   Thanks Gtapia


:iconrafanas:  Dude this is so awesome! Great work Rafanas!

:icondiseased-crab:  Birthday WIP by Diseased-Crab  Wow they look really different as cartoons! Thanks man!

:iconselenaloong:  Thank you Selena!! :D 

:iconzayarts:  Thanks Imass she is so pretty and cute here

:iconthenightsurfers:   Thanks man you are awesome to add this cameo! 

:iconchelostracks: Kawaii Rush by CheloStracks I was VERY honored to have Madeline be included in this amazing work! 

:iconapples-malus: The Pokey by Apples-Malus  Evil Pokey by Apples-Malus lol Evil Pokey? That's impossible! lol Thanks Apple! 

:iconjesse-the-art-maker: :thumb365974384: :thumb341033902: :thumb452769319: 

:iconkoshooter: Merry christmas Ho Ho Ho Ho by KOshooter Santa Madeline by KOshooter Madeline by KOshooter PirateMadeline by KOshooter Thank you Six this brave animated Madeline will keep your oceans safe! 

:iconsuperjustinbros: Madeline Bikinied by Superjustinbros 

:iconbig--cee: More Pirate Pro Tips by Big--Cee Random's Madeline 'n Pokey by Big--Cee Ask Madeline... Beta by Big--Cee

:icondevil-v: Dragons Roar for More by Devil-V PIRATES Forevaaaa WIP by Devil-V AYE AYE CAPTAIN -COLOR- by Devil-V MADELINE Summer Time 2 Collab by Devil-V Pirate Madeline by Devil-V

Mature Content

Summer Time by Devil-V

Mature Content

Madeline...R? by Devil-V

:iconmichaeljlarson: Rabdommode's B-Day gift by MichaelJLarson

:iconpltnm06ghost: Pre-Apocalyptic Savior by Pltnm06Ghost

:iconweasselk: Birth Day Fan Art by weasselK

:iconjdogindy: Pirate Madeline Gift complete by JDogindy

:iconcluedog: The Mighty Madeline by cluedog 

:iconmkonstantinov: Madeline WIP by mkonstantinov Madeline by mkonstantinov Thank you for this, I'm sure Pokey thanks you as well! 

:iconhero-of-awesome: Pirate Madeline sketch by Hero-of-Awesome Thank you so much. You are the hero of everything :) 

:iconslangh:  Multistyle by Slangh Slangh feels I have a distinctive style! Bless you man! 

:icon1076: :thumb306500742:  Kid Madeline and Ame. Awww. :) 

:iconvhalpurga: Madeline by Vhalpurga Thank you much for making this old friend, I love your alternate costumes! 

:iconvelduanga: Lego Pirate Madeline by Velduanga  Lego Madeline! Let's hope one day! 

:iconcoolness-god: Fan art of randommode by COOLness-God This is a great rare one of Random! 

:iconlufidelis: Pirate Madeline by lufidelis She looks so cute here Lucy! 

:iconchesare: Pirate Madeline...and Pokey!! by ChEsArE A picture of Madeline from Chesare. THEE Chesare!  This is one of my personal treasures.

:iconwarhound-cmp: Pirate Madeline FanArts 2012 by Warhound-CMP A great picture of Madeline, I love this hat!! 

:iconmartykenny: Then suddenly!  A wild Pirate appears! by MartyKenny A wild Pirate appears? And here I thought only my animals got compared to Pokemon :) 

:iconmegagundamman: LIVESTREAM 99 by MegaGundamMan A sexy scuba geared Madeline! :) 


Mature Content

Randommode - Madeline and Power Girl by BenjiPrice
NSFW Very nice Benji,  this is indeed not the picture I expected, but Pokey did XD 

:iconpeterete: Madeline step 1.1 by peterete Oh that's where Madeline keeps Random for safe storage. 

:icon3dark7: Royalty of Pirates by 3dark7 3 dark7's Madeline with Luffie 

:iconpoolstudios: Kayne by poolstudios  Pirate Madeline by poolstudios Two from PoolStudios on of Madeline AND Kayne, nice work man! :w00t:

:iconedwardrigaud: :thumb203532698:  PIRATE MADELINE COLOR SAMPLE by edwardrigaud THE PIRATE MADELINE POSTER by edwardrigaud

:iconcaptain-paulo: Pirate Madeline by Captain-Paulo

:iconblackcarrot1129: Madeline Sketches by BlackCarrot1129

:iconsincomics: Maddie At The Bat by SinComics Whoa! Brutality! :D Nice work Sins Venials! And be sure to check out his comics at

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