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September 17, 2013
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The Pirate Madeline Page 13: You can't bully by Randommode The Pirate Madeline Page 13: You can't bully by Randommode



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:wow: It's Tuesday again... It's time for Pirate Madeline! LAST TIME ON PIRATE MADELINE! Madeline was revealed to be a feared and revered figure, even being sort of an object of terror to the Skellies, but what's this?! OH NO! A Skelly is causing some major trouble for that Kabear! Will the Kabear be saved?! Will the Skelly be getting back his deposit? Is that who we think it is at the end? All this and more in this week's Pirate Madeline!!!

:iconrandommode: (Side note) For those of you that read my journal as I said, I am still going to do the comics, just a little slower, but they will go up, sometimes still on time. Your comments and well wishes really meant a lot to me, thanks everyone for your support.

ęPirate Madeline and all characters within Officially copyrighted with the U.S. government 2009-2013 M. INGENITO
Madeline is copyrightę to M.Ingenito HEY! Check out Madeline's other comics!!! :ahoy:……

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Groxee Oct 1, 2013   Digital Artist
"Two weeks of work, in TWO DAYS", Haha! This totally feels like me at my new job :/ dude, for a page with a lot going on, you sure manged to keep it balanced. The flows really good!
Randommode Oct 1, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks Groxee I just try my best, I am unsure of how good it is. :iconlaughingplz: But I do want people to like it, so I am always happy to hear that you did :) Thanks so much for your support and taking the time out for me to say this. 
Love the bunny dude in the top left :) Great art btw- very bright and clean. A little bid 'Misadventures of Tron Bonne' (one of my fave games) but totally unique as well. I like it :)
Randommode Sep 29, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
:iconranranruuplz: Thank you, I haven't made any rabbit people before, this was my first one. I loved Tron Bonne as well, wow that was a rare title I am glad to hear someone else enjoyed it too :) 
No problem :) Yeah-I keep waiting for a sequel. The character pops up in fighting games every now and then, so I guess there's some hope :)
Randommode Oct 4, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
I dunno dude, Capcom doesn't seem to like to Megaman even much less poor Tron 
Yup- could be a long wait :(
The-Quill-Warrior Sep 22, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Nice! Madeleine must really be a pro shot to shoot a Skully's hand in the palm without harming the humanoid it's clutching in that hand. XD
Randommode Sep 25, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
No no, it's a magic gun, so it wasn't a bullet, it was a very minor fire spell. :iconlaughingplz: I will show it more and more later 
The-Quill-Warrior Sep 25, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Ah I see. I getcha. :D
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